Nice Family

Posted July 3rd, 2010 @ 05:07pm by: Kathie Armstrong

Tina Fisher came into my shop with her beautiful 3 children and I had the pleasure of holding her youngest Sophie for a long felt so good to hold a baby again. Her other 2 are Henry and Karley. She was happy with all the things here and she found a couple things to buy for her home and said she would be back...that is always good to hear. I love the interaction that I get to have with my customers.

Shannon Anderson is a great girl who is a new customer and I am buying some fabulous organic products from her and they will be in the shop shortly and when they arrive I will tell you more about them. When she was here she bought her Mom a 4th of July gift and Anna made it look really great and she was happy with it.....we make gift giving really really easy here for you.

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