Another move-Another Store

Posted February 24th, 2012 @ 11:02am by: Site Admin

Life has a way of changing right before our eyes.Sometimes I feel as though I am watching a movie instead of this really being my life. Anyway. Life has taken me to yet another location, Buffalo Minnesota. I started out here along time ago in Three sisters and was there a few years and then I went to Yesterday's Charm for another year. After that we bought the Creamery in Lyndale and we were there for 6 years and then we moved to Wayzata for 15 months.

I wanted to add food to the store so we opened a bakery. It turned out to be way too labor intensive for everything that I do, so I decided to go back to where I started and do what I truly love to do and that is fixing old stuff and making it beautiful.

Buffalo is a great town filled with wonderful stores and vendors that do very much what I do and I hope to bring something new to the people that are already there.

It has been a fun and difficult journey up until now and I hope to stay here a long time.

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