Moving right along

Posted May 10th, 2011 @ 09:05pm by: Kathie Armstrong

I have built 3 homes from scratch with less problems than putting together this one small Commercial kitchen.....I don't understand. Anyway, life is just one big roller coaster of ups and downs and we have to like the downs as much as the ups and learn how to flow with them too.

High Road Heating came in today and hooked up the stoves....Yeh!!!! Jeff is working on the wall where they cut it out last week to move the sink that had already been installed in the wrong fun....when he is done with the wall, Friday, they will come in and install the hand sink and the prep sink. We need inspections on 3 different things and then we clean clean clean and bring in counters and lots of other stuff and we get cooking........yeh!!!! It truly feels like a lifetime of waiting for this moment. I believe I have been working my whole life to get to this point. I want to make people feel at home at my shop and give them something yummy to eat and make them feel comforted.

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