Posted April 30th, 2011 @ 06:04pm by: Kathie Armstrong

sink finally in and working

2 men working on getting the huge fan up and working. Big job!Big Job!

It seems like I have been waiting forever, I mean forever for this bakery to be up and running. There has been one delay or problem after another. Waiting for all the permits from 3 different government authorities so we are positive we are doing everything right and then the sink needs to be changed in the wall and the floor jack hammered up. The biggest job was getting the fan put up and that took 1 week and I was so excited and then Rick brought in my 2 stoves and he said.....hey who put in the fan? They did it all wrong. My response was of course they did, why would it be right?????????? It took them a week to do it, which means they have to undo it and redo it which will take another week or so and then we have to move the sink because it was put in the wrong place. My patience is growing a little thin. Being in Business is a challenge and I have decided to talk about the good and the bad so people understand what it takes to get thru the days of the constant challenges.

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