moving along on the kitchen

Posted March 22nd, 2011 @ 09:03pm by: Kathie Armstrong

It is so is driving me crazy. This hurry up and wait and then wait and then wait and put up with so much unbelievable stuff from all the powers that be. We keep doing what we think is all we have to do and then they say....welllllllll...we need one more thing or just go and do this or whatever else they can think of. We were hoping to have the bakery open last month....what a there is another hitch......we just have to think good thoughts and visualize this done and busy and prospering and do what we can ,when we can, and be thankful for all things. If I say that over and over maybe it will help.

When in life you are moving there is always something that can clog up,  I guess we need to learn how to just be patient and enjoy the ride. The todays of our lives is all we really truly have so we may as well enjoy it, it is a choice of misery or happiness. I try really hard to think good thoughts and be peaceful........I am not in charge of anything and sometimes I forget that and get in my own way. There is so much to get done before the bakery opens anyway, the time just flies by so will be open before we know it and I will wish for the days when it wasn't fickle.......

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