Settling in to the shop....

Posted February 8th, 2011 @ 06:02pm by: Kathie Armstrong

I feel like I have been on a total rollercoaster ride for the last 5 months......we decided to open up the shop in the Bay Center in Wayzata at the end of September, and we opened the middle of small feet with the 2 of us and much remodeling and moving of big furniture......then we had to decorate the 2 shops for Christmas....again...lots of work....and then.....we decided we wanted a permanent place in Wayzata and the Bay Center is not a sure place so we found the space at the Wayzata Village Shoppes across the street from where we were.....I am starting to think that we are a little nuts...what am I saying not a little but a whole poor husband....he is such a good sport as well such a huge huge huge help....I couldn't do it without him. I feel bad for him being married to me...he works a full time job and then a full time job helping me with everything that I have going on. He just keeps going and going......You have to be in the business to  understand how demanding and difficult it sure is not for the faint of heart or back.

We opened here the first weekend in January and it is lovely. We still aren't done yet. We are working on getting the kitchen up and running as soon as possible.......that is going to be so wonderful.....great smells and eats coming out of the kitchen all hours of the day.

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LOVE the photos!!! You should use the 3rd photo on the front page of your blog, that would bring lots of interest! Those are the kinds of photos that draw me in at least. Well, I QUICKLY got set up in my booth. Lots of updates to make though going foward. Thanks again for your referral. Love the dresser with the pink stripes in the back room! Have a great rest of the week Kathie!

on February 9th, 2011 at 09:47pm