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Posted January 31st, 2011 @ 10:01pm by: Kathie Armstrong


This was a great little shop in Princeton called Needfull Things owned by Bob and Debi. They were very nice and helpful. We bought a great cement fountain from them and had a nice visit.

I took alot more pictures but I can't get them transferred from my phone......I am not very savy about stuff like that. I need to get a smart phone so my life is easier in posting to facebook and my blog.......

There are alot of us out there trying to make a living out of saving old stuff and changing it into a beautiful new piece by being very creative and with some hard work. It is a good thing to do. Too much stuff is lost and put to waste. This morning I was watching the news about Egypt and how the looters had gotten into the Museum that has most of their history in it and they were just smashing things to destroy them...things that were centuries old....what a total waste.....anyway the townspeople starting running to the museum and they built a human gate all around it so noone could get in and damage anymore of their history. That was inspiring to me. The soldiers were there as well holding guard. They understand the importance of what is here tells our stories of who we are and where we come from and partly of where we are going........we all must understand the importance of what is important and it isn't the throw away things that don't last....it is the things that are built to last...they have value and we must hold them with care...and do what we can to save them in anyway we can....after all it is our history.

This picture didn't work either...sorry....I will try harder with other tools...........

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