Old Screen

Posted November 25th, 2009 @ 09:11pm by: Kathie Armstrong

I wanted to do something cool on an old screen so I started to play around with one and here is what I got. I just love him. When I started to paint on the screen it was too weak for me so i added some plaster to the mix and i did the whole main piece.....then I painted each of the different colors. When he was dry i added some glitz to him.....a bird that I glittered onto his hat, some more glitter on his hatband and on his nose and hat where there is snow. I glued sequins on his eyes, mouth and buttons, an old piece of a sweater for his scarf and he is done......he makes a huge statement for a snowman don't you think? I love making things out of old things that don't have any use any longer. A screen that was heading to the landfill is now a piece that will be treasured and hung for many years to come.

Always think outside the box......when you are feeling stuck and things just look the same.....climb on top of a table and just see how things look so very different from that perspective. When life isn't feeling right....change your view by shaking things up....stand on a table or a ladder and just feel the difference.

Keep thinking good thoughts and keep creating.

till next time..........................

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