shopping in Princeton Wisconsin

Posted January 22nd, 2011 @ 08:01pm by: Kathie Armstrong

We are having fun shopping in a small town in Wisconsin called Princeton. We are here because my stepson Joshua is getting married to his wonderful fiance' Jessica.....she is so lovely and together they are fabulous.

We wanted to look around the area and we found some great shops and some good FINDS.....I found a wonderful cement fountain with love birds on the top....cement is one of my favorite things. I think it is because my Dad owned a cement plant and alot of gravel pits and he built roads for aliving. I go nuts over rocks and cement of all kinds. At another great shop called Johnny Crow's I found a bust of a woman made out happy! Then at another shop.......I found the most fantastic church birdhouse that is huge.....huge......Jeff wouldn't let me get it because we have to bring all of the kids wedding gifts back with us and he is afraid they won't fit if we get it.........I of course got her number and if it will fit after the presents are in tomorrow..............I am going back to get it as fast as I is unbelievably cool. Another thing I saw was an old bunkhouse bed that was all rusty would make a neat settee' for a porch....either left rusty or painted......again.....have to wait until tomorrow to see if it will fit.........I will definitely come back here again ..... with .....the trailer so we can buy what we find without worry of packing it.....I am just getting used to documenting what I do so I forget all the time to take pictures but I am going back tomorrow so I will get some shots for you at that time so you can see how great it is here........

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Comments (3):

Congratulations! All I can say is that GOOD THINGS Happen to GOOD People! Thank you for sharing your good news! Happy Shopping for "Kathie's Finds" that benefit all!!

on January 22nd, 2011 at 09:02pm

Kathie, I was a pleasure meeting you at the wedding, even though it may have been brief! I do look forward to visitig your shop. From the looks of you website, it is totally up my alley. I am quite jealous of your opportunity peruse shops and such! Hope to talk soon, Tess

on January 24th, 2011 at 06:16pm

thanks was a pleasure to meet you as well....send me your information and I will get it to Mike. I spoke with him already and he would be happy to talk with you. He is the nicest man. kathie armstrong

on January 31st, 2011 at 10:05pm