Before and After of Basement bar and Den in Edina

Posted April 13th, 2014 @ 11:04pm by: Site Admin

before of basement corner by bar before of basement corner by bar

after bar area after bar area and basement much better!

The basement was so dirty and needed lots of elbow grease with tons of soap, water,  and bleach.  We then painted the whole thing white to give it a nice bright affect. We added a sisal rug to soften the floor.

The people who owned this house had alot of fun in it and the reason we know this is because the bar was full of tons of vintage fun bar accessories. Lots of glasses, cards, games etc....I could just see them having dance parties down there and just laughing and having a grand time.


before of den
before of den
After of the den
After of the den

We did alot of cleaning and painted the walls a cocoa brown and added black and brown velvet drapes, leather furniture with accessories and a brass chandelier with alot of style.  The room was very comfortable and inviting when we were done with it. A perfect place to read a book and relax.


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