Before and After of Bedrooms in Edina House

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After bedroom number 2

Front bedroom Before
The bedroom needed to be loved and updated
Before of back bedroomThis bedroom had great windows to work with but it was so drab and no life. When we cleaned it up, by the way, it is amazing the changes you see with just a bucket of hot water, soap and hard work.. When things are cleaned after years of being dirty it is almost like they breath a sigh of relief and feel like we do when we have a shower after working all day in the yard and are filthy.

The most important thing in redoing anything is starting with a clean surface. Then we painted and added all the furniture and finishing touches with new light, light switches, pictures etc.....I loved this room. It felt like a cloud, I didn't want to leave when I was in it.

Before and Afters of back bedroom
lots of love and polish went into this one

These bedroooms were really truly lovely when finished. I was very proud of how they turned out. I put my heart and soul in this first house. I didn't know any better. I did it like it was for us or someone we loved dearly. I made the chandeliers, made the draperies, painted all the furniture, did all the landscaping, along with all the basics stuff like all the cleaning, and it was dirty......sorting thru all the things they had with help from a dear friend who also did the estate sale, Ron Bryant.

Painting inside and out every inch, doing wood floors, changing out most bathroom fixtures.

We upgraded all electrical, put in new ashphalt driveway, new furnace, new granite counter tops, painted all cupboards, new carpet and floorings thruout where there wasn't wood. We did way way too much and too high a quality for the cost of home and this was when the recession was just beginning to hit. We had no idea what was about to happen to us and alot of the rest of the world.......

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