Our First house that we Flipped in Edina Minnesota

Posted April 8th, 2014 @ 12:04pm by: Site Admin

The BeforeWe began our company with this house in Edina that was in need of alot of love. We bought the whole estate lock stock and barrel including her car in the garage. She had no family so we got everything in her home. A huge mess. We had help and went thru absolutely everything and had an estate sale before we started on her house.

I found it so sad that this couple left this world with noone to care about what they left behind in a  concrete way. All the things that we accumulate in our lives that we love, need, or just plain enjoy. I tried to honor them by taking some of their things and reworking them. I made a mosaic address for the house with their broken china and put her jewelry on chandeliers in the bedrooms that I also made. I wanted to leave a part of them in the house. I tried to show respect for their things and value who they were and how they lived in this lovely home. I enjoyed getting to know them and who they were in some small way.


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