My woodworking space....

Posted March 26th, 2013 @ 01:03pm by: Site Admin


lots of materials to work with


I am always working on at least 5 things at a time....


my glitter and detail paint cupboard


turning pictures into chalkboards


making garden art out of odds and ends

I never seem to get ahead of the game. I always am working to get my space tidy and perfectly in order and it is always going to happen when these things are out of the space. But  there is always another thing that has to happen then another.........I am always bringing in more and more stuff because I have to produce more and more. When you are in the business of repurposing it is a never ending parade of more and more stuff. I always see potential in everything and I just can't leave it behind so it gets added to the already huge pile of stuff waiting to be transformed. There is never enough time to do all I have to do so I just do the best I can and work and work to get enough done to make the store look good. There is alot of pressure in having your own store when it is just you because it all rests on your shoulders. It is always so scarey to think you won't get it all done, but you do, and you take a breath and then the next minute you have to start getting ready for the next sale. So that means there is no time to clean my workshop because I am hauling more stuff in to get painted or changed for the next sale. I just have to do the best I can in the space the way it is.

thanks for coming.


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