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Posted March 21st, 2013 @ 01:03pm by: Site Admin

When you finish a huge job of setting up a whole store you are totally spent. It takes everything you have to get it done. The worst part for me is when you are in the middle of a gigantic mess. There is no rhymn nor reason to anything. I get overwhelmed and I have to just sit down take a breath and start in one corner and finish each spot as I go along. One of the problems I deal with is I don't think that I set up as well as others can. It isn't my strength, so I am always second guessing myself. My husband helped me with this about a year ago when he said to me " Kathie you worry and worry and keep changing and when the first customer walks in and buys something the whole area changes and you have to rearrange anyway. That has helped me tremendously because I realize nothing lasts very long anyway so I just do the best I can and keep moving. Everything is alway changing in this business. It is hard to keep up. The buying, hauling, cleaning, painting, fixing, hauling and set up. It isn't like we pick at a sale and it is mailed to us in a box. Almost everything in my store I have touched in some way. Either something as small as just cleaning to completely redoing in every way. I could not do this business without my strong and patient husband Jeff, he is my totaly support who does all the schlepping and keeps me balanced. The people that do this business are not in it for the money, it doesn't pay enough for what we do. We are doing it because it is in our blood,it isn't what we do, it is who we are. Repurposing has it's own rewards, we feel like we are doing our part to save what is already here by giving it a new life . We believe in what we do. It actually gives my life purpose. Thanks for coming.

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