Customers Creativity shared

Posted December 14th, 2012 @ 01:12pm by: Site Admin

It is so fun when a customer comes in and buys something and then sends me the results.....this one is especially creative and fun.....enjoy!

Good Morning


I found these horse haines in your store last Saturday and thought they would be perfect for my new Mason jar chandelier.   (Well, it is actually one each Kerr, Ball and Mason jars)


Easy trick to cut the bottom off.  (Works on wine bottles as well)    Score around the botton with a glass cutter, then drizzle boiling water from a tea kettle  over the scoring.  Immediately run the bottom of the jar under cold tap water.  Repeat with the boiling water. The bottoms just "dropped" off.  Only minimal sanding on the edge of the glass.


Thought I would share with you.


Looking forward to next month's sales already



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