By the Side of the Road

Posted November 11th, 2012 @ 12:11pm by: Site Admin

This is the final home of the chair that was left for garbage. Isn't she beautiful? A good customer Miguella bought this and it was a great addition to her already beautiful home. Thanks Miguella.

I was driving down the road in my neighborhood and I saw this great chair. I stopped backed up and pushed it into my already full van. My door would not shut so I drove very slowly but when I turned the corner She fell out into the middle of the road......2 nice young gentlemen stopped and helped me push her back into the van. When she fell her back leg broke butwhen I took her to my upholsterer, Laurie, she not only covered her in a beautiful mauve velvet she repaired her back leg too.

This chair had way too  much potential to go into a landfill....It makes me happy to give new life to old pieces that have such good bones......

This is what happens with alot of TLC, paint, sanding, and beautiful velvet fabric and upholstery done by Laurie.

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