Chalk Paint Recipe

Posted September 18th, 2012 @ 05:09pm by: Site Admin

I know that the new rage is chalk paint from Annie Sloan. It is fabulous chalk paint. It is so great in so many ways is very expensive. When you are making things for sale you have to cut corners wherever you can so you can increase your profit margin.

I have been painting for years and I am pretty good at it and I take chances and try new things all the time. I knew there had to be a way to make chalk paint that was almost as good as the chalk paint that we had to buy. I started researching and I tried different recipes for chalk paint and I finally came up with one I really like.

2 cups of the paint of your choice

1/2 cup of plaster paris mixed separate with 1/2 cup water until thoroughly mixed and not lumpy and then pour into paint and stir until totally blended. If you need to make it thinner add more water until the chalk paint is the consistency you want to work with.

The one thing that I am careful with is if the wood is really shiny, I use a bonding primer. The best part about chalk paint isn't that it doesn't need prepping for me, it is the way it sands so easy and the way it comes off the piece. Chalk paint tells a totally different story than latex paint. It is way more forgiving, it is easier to use, it is easier to sand, it looks so much better when it is all finished.

The great thing about making your own chalk paint is you can have any color you want, any finish you want and it is much cheaper for doing it in bulk. I love this paint when I make it and it goes farther than regular latex. If you have questions please feel free to ask and I will be happy to help you if I can.

chalk paint with no priming because it was really worn already.

chalk paint with no priming because it was really worn so chalk

These 2 pieces were that old blonde finish that is really shiny so I decided to put a bonding primer on them before I put on the chalk paint. As you can see it still gets that beautiful finish when you use bonding primer. It doesn't change the effect at all. All I have been using for months is my own recipe of chalk paint and I love it.
 paint worked perfectly.

The chalk paint was so beautiful on this antique chest. The older the piece the more distressed and unique the piece comes out. Nothing works with chalk paint better than old wood. Old wood has a story that comes out with chalk paint like nothing else does. It picks up all the blemishes that have occurred over the years. I absolutely love working on old pieces to see what the end result will be is just so very exciting.

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