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Posted September 12th, 2012 @ 05:09pm by: Site Admin

I have been blessed with good friends. Ones who want to help me succeed and do what they can to help me. One of those dear friends is Stacey Klone and she has been so good to me. Anyway she found a table on the side of the road and she turned around, picked it up and brought it to me.

It was a great table, solid wood, an old telephone table that is part of all of our history. Our grandchildren probably won't remember the days when phones had to be connected to the wall and how we had to sit right beside the cord and how many different pieces of furniture were made just to make it easier for us to use it. Our lives are changing so quickly and I believe it is so important to hang onto whatever we can to tell our stories of where we have been and how we got here.  There are stories in the things that we find and keep and give new life to.

The other day a young woman came into the shop and brought an old ringer washer top to the counter. She loved the way it looked and wanted to hang it on her wall. She must have been early 20's  and she asked me WHAT it was. I couldn't believe it. She really didn't know what it was. I had used a ringer washer up at my cabin for many years to wash up there. Our stories are all going to disappear if we don't save them and cherish them and tell the stories that go with them. By the way I don't think of myself as obsolete yet and I have used things that are already forgotten.

This is what the table looked like when I got it. Dirty and beat up, but solid and lots of character and style.

this is what it looks like now after some TLC. It is so pretty and it sold in minutes after being on the floor. I absolutely love this work. It makes me feel like I am doing something special in this world.........saving our history and helping people get beautiful things for an affordable price and it keeps perfectly good furniture out of our landfills.

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