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One of my weaknesses is taking before pictures of the stuff I am working on. I just dive in and start working and forget to take pictures. This time Jeff took before pictures of the armoire and island so I am able to share it with you this time.

Jeff took this armoire and added shelves inside, bunn feet, and rope twist on the top to give it some character. I then take it and clean it over and over with TSP and then paint it with my homemade chalk paint. The outside is white and the inside is a light pink for just a little bit of fun. I then distress and finish it like I do to every piece I do to give it that special look I like. This piece is selling for $295.00

Jeff took a wooden box, made legs out of wood and he puts them toggether I then do my stages to it and he adds 2 towel bars for additional storage and easy access to make it even more handy for the user. This piece sells for $149.00

It is fun to see how different things look with a little bit of work and imagination.

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