Barn Picking

Posted July 23rd, 2012 @ 05:07am by: Site Admin

Jeff and I went to a barn with 3 outsheds and we got some fun stuff to bring home. It was hot and humid and we were dripping with sweat for about an hour and a half. That shows the love of the hunt because I absolutely hate being hot and  the only reason I would be climbing around an old barn with no lights in 100 degree weather is in the hopes of finding those special things that I can't find anywhere else but there. It is really insane and  unless you too have the bug of the hunt you would never  understand what drives us to do things we would never otherwise do. That is why we find the unique things we do, it is because we will go only where a few will go.This piece is the one Jeff is most excited about. It is about 7  1/2 feet long and he already took the top and the back off of it and he will put a back on it and a wood top and then I will finish it and it will be for sale in the shop. A unique piece that is one of a kind and it will be perfect for that special individual who loves old and upscaled pieces that are just for them..

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